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SEDOR® Intruder

Main Features

  • SEDOR®
  • Surveillance of Indoor and Outdoor Facilities
  • auto-adaptation
  • Analysis-Application
  • SEDOR® Intruder
  • DVS Analysis Server
  • Object behavior analyses
  • plausibility checks

Application for the Automated Surveillance of Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

SEDOR® is a high-performance and self-learning video analysis system which provides outstanding analytical results due to state-of-the-art image analysis algorithms and the constant adjustment of the system parameters to the current surrounding conditions (auto-adaptation). If used together with the different applications, it can serve a variety of surveillance and counting purposes.

SEDOR® Intruder is an application for the DVS Analysis Server software designed for the surveillance of installations in indoor and outdoor areas. SEDOR® Intruder is
able to report unauthorized access within freely definable sectors. The application detects if an object approaches an installation, the direction from which it is coming,
and how long it remains in an area. Object behavior analyses and plausibility checks optimize the detection results and reduce undesired reports to an absolute minimum.


  • Detection of all relevant objects in indoor and outdoor areas
  • Evaluation of the object behavior for alarm verification
  • Analysis of the direction of movement, speed and time spent
  • 3D calibration for the prevention of undesired reports caused by small animals
  • Time sequence control of the analysis in freely definable time intervals
  • Activation and deactivation (armed/disarmed) of the analysis via input contact
  • Integrated control of the local recording functions
    (silent pre-alarm and main alarm)
  • Event-controlled recording due to external Dallmeier recording systems
  • Event messages with PGuard/SMAVIA Viewing Client
    or as XML-formatted messages in real time
  • Assignment of camera-specific event messages to relay groups
  • Output of event messages with local relays
  • Control of external relays over Ethernet (separate relay unit additionally required)
  • Configuration and evaluation of the complete system with
    the included SEDOR® WebGUI over Ethernet (browser)

Range of Application

  • Perimeter protection
    (industrial facilities, government agencies, borders)
  • Object protection
    (industrial facilities, utility companies, private persons)
  • Surveillance of open-air sites
    (airports, seaports, dockyards, mining areas)
  • Surveillance of storage yards
    (car dealers, non-ferrous metal warehouses)

Event Messages

  • Individual entering monitored area
  • Individual leaving monitored area
  • Individual staying in monitored area
  • Individual appearing in monitored area
  • Camera sabotage