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All Dallmeier IP cameras are ONVIF compliable. The DDF4010HDV and DDZ4010 DOMERA® were after all the first full HDTV cameras in the world, which support the ONVIF standard!

Good to know: Anybody who already owns a Dallmeier IP camera can subsequently upgrade it to achieve ONVIF conformity!

Besides the cameras, the Network Video Transmitters, standards for receiving devices like Network Video Storages are also currently being developed. Here Dallmeier also takes on a pioneering role, and will shortly introduce the first ONVIF compatible servers and recorders.


The Open Network Video Interface Forum, short ONVIF, aims at creating a global interface standard for networked video products. Such a standard makes it possible to jointly use devices from a variety of manufacturers in one system.

Dallmeier has actively participated as a “contributing member” since 2009 in the development of ONVIF standards.