Domera® – Beyond the Image.

The Domera® 6000 series is the only dome camera in the market that features a combination of AI edge analytics, adaptive external lighting and motorised three-axis control for remote re-adjustment.

The innovative system helps customers to optimally understand their business processes and their security situation. So they can always react appropriately.

  • AI-based video analytics: understand what’s going on and make informed decisions
  • Innovative lighting system: eliminate the lighting problems of traditional dome cameras.
  • 100% “Made in Germany”: guarantee the highest level of “privacy and security by design”
  • Easy installation and commissioning: save time, cost and stocking

Probably the most versatile camera in the world.

With Domera®, customers can easily realise over 90% of all typical indoor and outdoor video applications – with the highest quality and security possible.

  • A sophisticated system of housing and mounting modules: support 90% of all use cases.
  • Dallmeier RPoD (Remote Positioning Dome): simplify installation and readjustment.
  • Flexible AI: create the analytic application you need.
  • Leading-edge hardware capabilities: benefit from maximum image quality, integrated lighting, minimum support and maintenance.
  • ONVIF profiles S and T: integrate into any VMS system.


From images to results

Domera® OS for a wide variety of analytic applications and easy configuration.

  • AI object classification for accurate results
  • Wide variatey of analytics applications
  • Triggering of events via MQTT, relays etc.
  • Informed decisions
  • Premium maintenance package including neural network updates


Don’t miss a thing

Smart technologies for maximum image quality and optimal lighting for every situation.

  • Latest SoC technology
  • Adaptive IR & LED
  • Lighting elements outside the bubble
  • Utmost light sensitivity
  • True WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function – also known as HDR (High Dynamic Range)


Adapt to all means

The Domera® RPoD technology & mounting system optimise installation and ensure adaptability to change.

  • Easy mounting, installation & motorized three-axis remote adjustment (PTRZ)
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Fits every customer environment
  • Widest variety of mounting, housing & lighting options


Domera® cameras come with the latest SoC (System on Chip) technology and an intensively trained neural network. Captured images are analysed in high resolution and independent of movements in the background (green spaces, water areas etc.). Defined objects (e.g. persons, vehicles) are classified in real time.

  • Deep AI object classification based on pre-installed neural networks.
  • Integrated Edge Analytics apps for a wide variety of use cases.
  • Regular updates for neural networks.
  • Customised neuronal networks within a development cooperation.

Send Alarms
to VMS


IoT Devices

Event Charts


Camera LEDs

Which analytic application will solve your problem?


Various features ensure outstanding image quality in up to 8 MP resolution.

  • True WDR & latest chip generation: optimum dynamics.
  • IR or LED outside the bubble: no stray light from scratches or walls, maximum contrast.
  • “RPoD” for quick and easy image adjustment from any webbrowser.
  • Simplified installation due to adaptive adjustment of the LEDs.
  • 6800 camera series for maximum resolution (8 MP / 4K), 6400 series for maximum light sensitivity (4 MP).


Theoretically, more than 300 different products can be “built” with Domera® components. This is made possible by a well thought-out system of five camera bases, various lighting rings as well as different housing and mounting variants. 

For end customers and installers, this means less time spent on implementation, minimal stock-keeping and low training effort.

  • Modular system with camera bases, lighting covers, adapters and mounting options.
  • Dallmeier “only one tool” philosophy saves time and cost.
  • Browser-based installation without extra software from anywhere.
  • Mounting and screw holes spacing of the previous models.

More than






Camera Bases


mounting options

At a Glance.

  • Edge Analytics with AI on board.   
  • Superior image quality and adaptive lighting. 
  • 90% of all applications covered.

Single-Sensor at its best.

The Dallmeier surveillance cameras have been developed specifically for security applications and are characterised by the highest image quality and a high dynamic range. The result: Dallmeier IP cameras offer the highest colour fidelity and richness of detail, while the bit rate still remains low, undeniably major benefits for the use in a professional and reliable video security system.

Did you know? Dallmeier cameras can also be easily integrated into video management software from other manufacturers.



For numerous applications, especially for installation in walls and ceilings.



Robust installations with a superior housing concept.



For all-round vision with highest resolution.



Compact and optimised for versatile use.

Virtual PTZ (Multisensor)

Virtual PTZ (Multisensor)

Optimised for the acquisition of a complete half-space

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Webinar: Domera®

The webinar features the highlights & benefits for installers and end users.

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