Balance of highest resolution and light sensitivity with 5 MP


  • 5 MP Resolution
  • Video Compression H.265
  • Video Content Analysis
  • PTRZ 3-Axis Adjustment
  • Domera® Mounting System
  • Adaptive IR

The world’s only PTRZ dome camera with IR/white light lighting integrated in the housing ring outside the bubble

The cameras of the RDF5000DN series offer an economical balance of highest resolution and light sensitivity. Their image sensor has very good light sensitivity and delivers detailed color images even in low light conditions. The combination of the most advanced encoder technology and the sophisticated image processing results in realtime recordings with high resolution at excellent contrast, brilliant clarity and highest color fidelity.

The various models are offered with a resolution of 2 or 5 MP and an integrated lens in a vandal-resistant dome housing. The motor-driven gimbal of the Dallmeier RPoD (Remote Positioning Dome), with its PTRZ (Pan Tilt Rotate Zoom) functionality, enables remote and precise alignment of the lens during camera setup.

The alignment can be changed at any time, allowing the system to be quickly adapted to changing coverage requirements. 

Domera® OS
The cameras are equipped with the hardened Linux operating system Domera® OS. In addition to a kernel with long-term support, it offers extensive security functions such as the deactivation of unused ports or the enforcement of strict passwords. In addition, Domera® OS supports secure network authentication (IEEE 802.1X) and encrypted data transmission (TLS 1.2/AES-256). All software components are subject to permanent monitoring, maintenance and updating, whereby the effectiveness of all measures is ensured by regular external penetration tests..

Video Content Analysis
The integrated Video Content Analysis (VCA) detects movements and objects in the uncompressed image and analyzes them in realtime (depending on the analysis resolution) with highly developed analysis functions such as Intrusion Detection or Line Crossing. The detected events can be used to trigger the recording of a Dallmeier recording system. Together with the detected objects and the corresponding metadata, they are stored in a database. This allows the targeted search and evaluation of the recordings with Dallmeier Client software.

Wide Dynamic Range
The camera offers a WDR function (also known as High Dynamic Range (HDR)) for optimal recording of scenes with very bright and dark areas. Each image is captured with two special settings that are combined in real time to create a balanced result. The resulting video stream offers much more detail in both light and dark areas and is visually very close to the human eye’s perception.

Remote Positioning Dome
The camera is equipped with a motor-driven gimbal for precise lens alignment over the network (RPoD / PTRZ). Remote control is provided by the Domera® OS user interface and allows for simple installation and easy adjustment of the captured scene if requirements change. In addition, Domera® OS supports the adjustment of zoom, focus and iris of the P-Iris lens over the network. After installation and commissioning of the camera, no further measures are required on site.

Adaptive IR Illumination
The homogeneous illumination of the IR models is discreetly integrated under the permeable housing cover and can be manually or automatically adapted to the captured scene. Orientation and intensity of the illumination are dynamically determined by the position of the lens and the exposure control. In this way, disturbing side effects such as reflections from white walls next to the detection area can be avoided as far as possible. As a result, the camera delivers clear black and white images with excellent contrast even in seemingly complete darkness


Further Features

  • Video compression H.264, H.265, MJPEG
  • EdgeStorage and memory expansion with SD card
  • Ambient light sensor and removable IR cut filter
  • Automatic switching of presets for day and night
  • Position sensor for automatic orientation (wall, ceiling)
  • Automatic corridor mode supported
  • Functions for data protection and data security (GDPR-compliant)
  • Compatible with ONVIF Profile S and Profile T
  • Network protocol MQTT supported


DOMERA® Dual Matrix LED RingDOMERA® Dual Matrix LED Ring
Illumination for DOMERA® in-ceiling housing, five IR LEDs and five white light LEDs, event-controlled switching between IR and white light illumination, individual control of the intensity of individual LEDs or automatic adjustment to the captured scene, recommended for models with 4.5 - 9.7 mm or fisheye lenslens (only ex factory)
DOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium LED BlackDOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium LED Black
Aluminium housing cover for DOMERA® in-ceiling housing, can be combined with DOMERA® Surface Mount Adapter and DOMERA® Wall Bracket, black, with cut-outs for IR and white light LEDs
DOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium BlackDOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium Black
Aluminium housing cover for DOMERA® in-ceiling housing, can be combined with DOMERA® Surface Mount Adapter and DOMERA® Wall Bracket, black, cannot be combined with cameras with DOMERA® Dual Matrix LED Ring
DOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium WhiteDOMERA® Housing Cover Aluminium White
Aluminium housing cover for DOMERA® in-ceiling housing, can be combined with DOMERA® Surface Mount Adapter and DOMERA® Wall Bracket, white, cannot be combined with cameras with DOMERA® Dual Matrix LED Ring
DOMERA® Surface Mount AdapterDOMERA® Surface Mount Adapter
Adapter for surface mounting a DOMERA® in-ceiling housing, safety rope included, polycarbonate, white
Domera Surface Mount Adapter AluminiumDomera® Surface Mount Adapter Aluminium
Adapter for surface mounting a Domera® in-ceiling housing, safety rope included, aluminum, white
DOMERA® Wall BracketDOMERA® Wall Bracket
Multifunctional bracket for mounting a DOMERA® in-ceiling housing on a wall or pole, compatible with the Mountera® Vandalproof Pole Adapter and the Mountera® Box, safety rope included, aluminum, white
DOMERA® Breakout CableDOMERA® Breakout Cable
Breakout cable with 1× Audio Line IN, 1× Audio Line OUT, 2× Contact IN, 2× Contact OUT, 1× power supply
DOMERA® Passive Heating KitDOMERA® Passive Heating Kit
Fan based heating by using the waste heat of the electronic components (approx. 6W) to prevent fogging on the inside of the dome, manual remote control via DOMERA® OS user interface
PoE Midspan for CamerasPoE Midspan 30 W
Midspan power supply unit, 1× Ethernet-port, 10/100/1000Base-T, 802.3at, 802.3af, 30 W

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