Outdoor/Bullet/Box housing newly thought out and optimised

The various camera models of the Domera® series in combination with the robust Domera® Wall Bracket are the ideal and superior alternative to conventional outdoor/bullet/box cameras, especially in outdoor applications. The innovative design comes without sharp edges and corners and won the Red Dot Design Award in 2022. The rounded and sloped surfaces of the housing system provide hardly any starting points for spider webs or dust and debris that could get caught. Compared to conventional bullet/box housings, maintenance requirements are reduced immensely, especially outdoors.

The modular Domera® housing system naturally offers these advantages also in combination with the RDF5000DN (E) series models. In addition, all other innovations can be used without restriction, such as the LED lighting system integrated in the housing ring or the RPoD/PTRZ gimbal for remote and precise alignment of the lens when setting up the camera.

Like all Dallmeier cameras, the outdoor/bullet models provide images with excellent contrast, brilliant clarity as well as highest detail resolution and color fidelity.

  • Domera® Wall Bracket for robust IP66 outdoor installation with vandalism protection
  • Compatible with the Mountera® Vandalproof Pole Adapter and the Mountera® Box
  • EdgeAnalytics based on Deep AI Object Classification and AI EdgeAnalytics Apps
  • Video compression with H.264, H.265 and MJPEG at frame rates up to 60 fps and EdgeStorage support
  • ONVIF Profile M, S and T support as well as data privacy and security features (GDPR compliant)
RDF6800DN Outdoor

RDF6800DN Outdoor

The smarter Bullet housing - just align the camera remotely

8 MP UHD | 2160p/30 | Day/Night | WDR/HDR

RDF6400DN Outdoor

RDF6400DN Outdoor

Like a rounded Box - tough times for annoying spiders

4 MP | 60 fps | Day/Night | WDR/HDR