VCA & AI Video Analytics

Assistance systems for humans

No only since the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies have modern video analysis solutions offered customers many advantages to make their tasks easier.

The Dallmeier approach is based first and foremost on the actual requirements of the customer - our experts work together with the customer to analyse exactly which problems and tasks need to be solved and which technologies are best used for this purpose.

Dallmeier Video Analysis Portfolio

From camera-based VCA analysis with AI support to the HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Professional and Premium offerings, Dallmeier solutions provide the right answer for a wide range of customer requirements - from "assistance systems" in perimeter monitoring to the reduction of false alarms to applications such as object classification or people counting to data capture in complex situations.

AI/VCA Analysis

Video Content Analysis (VCA)

The AI-supported video content analysis of the Dallmeier cameras already offers a multitude of analysis functions.
These include manual and automatic tracking of objects, line crossing & intrusion detection, basic object classification or tamper detection.

Use Case Examples

  • Building & site protection
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Perimeter protection
  • Simplified Surveillance (Tracking)
  • Traffic enforcement (vehicles in forbidden areas)
  • Simplified forensic analysis

AI Professional Package

HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Professional Package

The AI Professional Package uses powerful neural networks on the recording system to analyze the events generated by the camera-based AI/VCA functions in more detail.

This allows alarms to be verified, objects to be classified (person, car, bicycle, etc.) or groups of people to be counted.

Use Case Examples

  • People / object detection and classification in wide areas, with few objects
  • Crowd Counting, medium accuracy
  • Smart perimeter protection - reduction of false alarms
  • Generation of heat maps
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Smart Data Sensor functionality

AI Premium Package


The AI Premium Package uses a dedicated analysis server. The high performance allows analyses per frame without pre-qualification by the camera-based AI/VCA.

This enables the accurate analysis of a large number of objects and particularly complex situations.

Use Case Examples

  • People / object detection and classification / differentiation in wide areas, with many objects
  • Crowd Counting - dynamic environments, high accuracy
  • Airport runway / taxiway object detection
  • City surveillance
  • Large events
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
  • Pixelation of persons at client side (GDPR / privacy)
  • Smart Data Sensor functionality

Additional Analysis Systems

Additional AI-based Analysis Systems

Dallmeier also offers numerous other analysis systems for a wide range of applications as well as the integration of third-party systems such as facial recognition.

In addition, we regularly develop individual systems for our customers from a wide range of industries - challenge our development team!

Available Solutions

  • ANPR
  • 3D-Volume Calculation (Logistics)
  • CAT Baccarat Table Automation
  • CAT Black Jack Table Automation
  • Customized Solutions on request


  AI/VCA Analysis AI Professional Package AI Premium Package
  • All Dallmeier Cameras
  • All Dallmeier Cameras
  • Recorder Hardware
  • GPUs
  • All Dallmeier Cameras
  • Recorder Hardware or VM Software
  • Dedicated AI Server Hardware
  • Camera-based AI / VCA
  • Camera-based AI/VCA
  • HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Professional Module
  • HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Professional Analysis Functions
  • Camera-based AI/VCA
  • HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Premium Module
  • HEMISPHERE® SEDOR® AI Premium Analysis Functions


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