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• IT Managers (English, German, French)

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The Whitepapers offer you:

  • Expert knowledge from 20+ years of experience in the casino industry
  • The latest trends in video technology for real “next-generation” casino surveillance
  • Best practices for table analytics, table surveillance, and gaming floor monitoring

“Thanks to the Dallmeier Panomera® W8 camera, we need considerably fewer camera systems on the gaming floor. Each camera offers a unique, dewarped 360° overview. In the overview, an unlimited number of detailed views can be opened with a mouse click. This helps us massively improve our response times, and track incidents and persons of interest more efficiently and reliably.”

Hendrik Strauss, Resort Security/Surveillance Manager, Sun City Casino


Whitepaper for Surveillance Managers
“Gaming Floor PTZ is old-school. 360° cameras – done right – do a much better job.” [English, German, French]

Whitepaper for IT Managers 
“How IT Managers improve their sleep – gaming floor surveillance done right.” [English, German, French]


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