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The Analogue App

World's first "Analogue App"

The world's first "Analogue App" from Dallmeier is now available in new design! The app has been expanded by several pages and as a new function it also offers a „Panomera® calculator“ with which it is possible to choose which Panomera® model is best suited for a particular field of use. In addition, an insert provides an overall view of all current models of the S and M series, including the most important technical anchor data.

Interactive features
A highlight is the link to Augmented Reality – because the “Analogue App” is going digital! Discover the interactive content, like for example a 3D Modell of the Panomera®, videos and additional information that is updated regularly.

It's that easy:

  • Order your personal copy of the "Analogue App" – just send an email with your address to Promotion Dallmeier
  • Download the free Layar App
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  • Scan the "Analogue App"
  • Discover interactive content

Curious? Test it out now – just scan the picture on the right with the Layar app!

What is "Augmented Reality"?
Augmented Reality, otherwise known as AR, is roughly the same as “extended reality”. It is defined as the “computer-controlled extension of the perception of reality”. And that can take on many different forms. A current example from the World Cup in football: Blending in distances using circles or lines during free kicks is also already being referred to as virtual reality.