Save costs and reduce false alarms

Theft, material loss and liability reasons require efficient perimeter security.

The patented Dallmeier Panomera® technology in combination with AI-based video analysis offers the perfect solution:

Customers only need a fraction of the camera systems required in conventional solutions. And the AI-based object classification reduces the number of false alarms to a minimum. This ensures significant cost savings in procurement and infrastructure. The result is decreased operating costs and improved security levels.


  • Highest efficiency thanks to a minimum number of cameras
  • Minimise false alarms with AI-based object classification
  • Use in courts thanks to “minimum resolution density”
  • Work relief for employees through convenient operation
  • Future-proof thanks to definable data quality
  • Achieving safety objectives with comprehensive protection

You don’t have much time?

In our webinar you will learn more about the functionality and cost/benefit model.
An individual online consultation with 3D simulation of our perimeter solution takes only 15 minutes – at your desk! Make an appointment today!

Brochure: Panomera® & AI for Perimeter

Interactive Simulator