Solutions for Stadiums

Less Infrastructure. More safety.

Many of the world's largest stadiums rely on Dallmeier stadium solutions – from grandstand security to software-based support for emergency forces.

The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor technology requires only a fraction of the number of camera systems required within conventional solutions. This reduces the cost for planning, implementation, infrastructure and operations many times over and increases the efficiency of the operators.

The permanent coverage of large spatial areas with precisely definable minimum resolution density in all image areas ensures events are recorded and observed at all times. 

In combination with the modules of the Dallmeier Hemisphere® software platform and Dallmeier recording systems, solutions are available to stadium operators that enable significantly simplified and more user-friendly operation of the systems – for satisfied fans and a safe stadium – at a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

“Overall, the Panomera® cameras have enabled us to significantly increase our stadium security and greatly reduce the number of incidents.”

Dave Lewis, Head of Security & Stadium Safety, FC Everton


  • Substantially lower total operating costs through fewer cameras and less infrastructure
  • Precisely plannable image quality for court usability and analytics
  • Fewer screens for maximum operator efficiency
  • Software platform for various management tasks and integration of thrid party systems
  • Many years‘ experience in stadium security – from third-tier football stadium to the World Cup
  • Solutions for all stadium areas – from grand stands to parking area


See more with Panomera®.

In the 3D model, all camera views are simulated exactly until the required minimum resolution is achieved and objects blocking the field of vision have been eliminated literally in every “last corner”. The combination of different Panomera® models enables events to be viewed from several different viewpoints. Many modern video analysis techniques are also available.

“The Panomera® systems are an extremely benefical investment for preventing incidents and most importantly for identifying offenders, particularly with regard to the prohibited fireworks, which are unfortunatly becoming more and more popular.”

Jaromir Hamouz, Business & Marketing Manager, Viktoria Plzeň


  • Panomera® permanently captures the entire scene and simultaneously allows high-resolution detail zooms by several users – live and in the recording
  • Successful intervention and usable evidence through plannable, high resolution over the entire area
  • Reduced fines and easier recovery of penalties for fan misconduct
  • Various video analysis functions, e.g. people counting
  • The Hemisphere® SeMSy® solution suite combines several Panomera® views. Even the largest areas can be viewed without changing the camera views.

Entrance area

Who is who?

Dallmeier systems allow simple changes of perspective and guarantee an overview of the situation and general contexts with substantially less outlay for infrastructure than conventional solutions.

“The installation at Rangers FC went smoothly and has produced outstanding images with an intuitive front end, allowing the club to expand as both risk and requirements change.”

Brian McNeill, CEO Systechnica Ltd. (Glasgow Rangers FC)


  • Control of personnel and visitor flows in the event of bottlenecks upon entry
  • Support of automated identification of “blacklisted” (subject to compliance with legal data privacy requirements)
  • Detection of “tricks” such as ticket swapping
  • Support of forensic evaluation (finding a person) in the video backup


Security in every way.

For safeguarding the approaches, effective situation awareness and the control of response personnel as well as traffic direction are again paramount.

The ability to define minimum resolutions ensures data quality for analytics and court-usability of backups for effective victim protection.


  • Reduction of offences and vandalism outside the stadium as well
  • Dispatching and direction of police and security staff through permanent tracking of visitor flows
  • Usable evidence for courts and the police; improved victim protection
  • Permanent coverage of large expanses with Panomera®
  • Improved traffic management for local public transport vehicles


Less is more.

For parking areas, the Panomera® systems offer optimum coverage of large expanses with minimum outlay for cameras and infrastructure. The minimum resolution required for reliable tracking of damage claims and offences is assured at all times.

Analysis techniques such as number plate recognition provide powerful tools for stadium operators to improve visitor service and save time.


  • Increased security and protection from vandalism including claims management
  • Uninterrupted accompaniment of guest fans from the bus or public transport areas to the stadium
  • Improved utilisation management
  • Improved and new service offerings through automated license plate recognition and processing (ANPR)

Interior Surveillance

What's inside?

In the areas inside the stadium, video security faces many challenges. With Dallmeier single sensor and Panomera® solutions and the 3D-planning approach, stadium operators can ensure perfect coverage of even the most complex interior spaces.


  • Surveillance of indoor paths, stands entrances, kiosks, fan shops, museums, etc.
  • Unsurpassed coverage with definable minimum resolution density in complex interior areas
  • Exceptional views and changes of perspective with a combination of Panomera® and Panomera® 180°/360° technologies

Dispatch Management

Incident management. Reinvented.

With a combination of superior camera technology and the modular Hemisphere® software platform, Dallmeier offers a unique total package which includes incident management, video technology as well as VCA and AI-assisted video analysis. Emergency personnel all over the world rely on the total solutions from Dallmeier.


  • Comprehensive information on the entire stadium environment in real time
  • Guided and proven ergonomic operation for police and security forces, even under stress
  • Efficient management of response teams “in action” through support with real-time photos, videos and evidence gathering – including mobile devices
  • Centralised capture of all incident data (photos, videos, witness statements, documents, etc.) in a digital incident file and forwarding to related systems (police, legal, etc.)
  • Forensic enquiries using video analysis assistance systems

Data management

Physical Security Information Management & Interfaces.

The modules of the Hemisphere® software platform can be combined to create partial or complete solutions for data management in the stadium up to comprehensive building and infrastructure management systems (PSIM).

The combination with the superior Panomera® video-technology opens up new ways of integrating a wide variety of video-generated data. Numerous standard interfaces to 3rd party systems as well as the option of customised interface programming complement the offering.

“The extremly high detail resolution, the capability of integrating our existing system and particularly the intuitive operation of the system were the decisive factors for us. We are more than satisfied, both with the system and with the consulting support we have received from Dallmeier.”

Jürgen Muth, Managing Director, Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich)


  • More economical workflows throughout the entire physical security and information ecosystem
  • Integration of third-party systems such as access control, intruder alarm system, fire alarm system, building services
  • Intelligent, automated building control
  • Simple visualisation with 3D map (incl. Active Objects)
  • Highest standards for data protection and data security/cybersecurity

Process Optimisation

Beyond security.

Modern video information technology offers an enormous range of options to help stadium operators optimise their processes and cut costs. To this end, Dallmeier combines the innovative use of cameras as “Smart Optical Data Sensors” with extensive, modular analysis, evaluation and imaging software.


  • Profit maximization through use of video-generated “Business Intelligence (BI)”
  • Video systems as profit centres through supply of anonymised BI data, to catering businesses, conference or other service companies, for example
  • Improved processes, e.g., in the areas of parking, traffic management, catering waiting times etc. with heatmap, people counting for example
  • Combination of Panomera® with 3D sport analysis systems, e.g. for training analysis

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