Small Size. Big Performance.

Small formfactor IP cameras can do more and more. With the new Dallmeier Picoline Series 5050, users from a wide range of industries can now benefit from a system that provides 5 MP in a very small enclosure.

Intelligent functions increase image quality and reliability, provide privacy and cyber-security and ensure that nothing is lost. The cameras can be operated with Dallmeier Video Management Systems (VMS) or with any ONVIF-compatible software.

5 MP




Small but smart.

Users sleep well: Instead of an SD card, a true "EdgeStorage" provides fully automatic compensation for network failures. In the event of a failure, the EdgeStorage continues to record and the buffered sequence is inserted later in the recording at the right place - fully transparently and without any user interaction.

True HDR captures every scene with two settings, ensuring a balanced and detailed image even in very different lighting conditions.

The integrated analysis assists in the pre-selection of relevant events. Afterwards, the "SmartFinder" function ensures a semi-automated finding of the incidents through a quick analysis of recorded objects and metadata.

HDR in Action

HDR in Action

Without HDR


Without HDR: Dark image areas are underexposed, bright image areas are overexposed.

With HDR


With HDR: Even under complex lighting conditions, everything is clearly visible.

Flexible. Secure. Effective.

Flexible. Secure. Effective.

Discreet Installation

Only 93 mm diameter (surface mount)

Two varifocal lenses (3-10 mm / 12-40 mm) with the box camera

Privacy & Security

Comprehensive features for security and privacy, configurable as required

Mady in Germany. Without compromise.

Intelligent Assistance

Video analysis and "SmartFinder" for fast detection, finding and response

Automatic compensation for network failures

Further Information

Further Information

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