Acquisition of huge areas with consistent depth of field

The patented multifocal sensor systems of the Panomera® S series combine several sensors with different focal lengths and thus allow the acquisition of huge areas starting directly at the installation site. The individual sensors are optimised for each capture area and deliver consistently high detail resolution and depth of field over a long distance. The outstanding effective UWDR dynamic range and the resulting extreme Panomera® effect allow the recognition of people up to a distance of more than one hundred meters.

The different Panomera® models can each replace several conventional megapixel cameras with significantly lower infrastructure requirements. 

  • Outdoor IP69 housing with integrated heater and double-walled convection cooling
  • Fully compatible with the innovative and appealing Mountera® mounting system
  • EdgeAnalytics based on Deep AI Object Classification and AI EdgeAnalytics Apps
  • Video compression with H.264, H.265 and MJPEG at frame rates up to 30 fps and EdgeStorage support
  • ONVIF Profile M, S and T support as well as data privacy and security features (GDPR compliant)
Panomera® S8 Ultraline

Panomera® S8 Ultraline

Highest resolution and details on extremely large areas

74-304 MPe | 22°-90° hFOV | 30 fps | UWDR

Panomera® S4 Ultraline

Panomera® S4 Ultraline

Lean and efficiently optimised for narrow fields of view

70 MPe | 15°-30° hFOV | 30 fps | UWDR