Practically autonomous remote access via the LTE mobile network


  • For Panomera® systems
  • LTE network remote access
  • With suitable LTE router
  • With SeMSy® Compact
  • Panomera® EcoMode
  • Cost-effective

The Panomera® Edge LTE Solution is an efficient solution for the deployment of a Panomera® with a Mountera® Box with SRS Edge in undeveloped areas. By connecting to a suitable LTE router, the cost-intensive installation of network cabling can be dispensed with.

Live images and recordings can be accessed with SeMSy® Compact via the LTE mobile network. When using the innovative Panomera® EcoMode function, a bandwidth of 10 Mbps is sufficient to use the usual functions and to display the overview module of the Panomera® with a high-resolution detailed view.

The Panomera® Edge LTE Solution is suitable for all currently available Panomera® systems. As usual, long distances and wide spaces can be covered with the various models of the Panomera® S4/8 Topline and Ultraline series. The protection of large areas can just as well be achieved with a Panomera® W 4/8.

The Panomera® Edge LTE Solution can be implemented with every Mountera® Box with SRS Edge as a decentralized recording system if the LTE router is provided with a separate power supply. The solution described here requires a special variant of the box that can output Power over Ethernet (PoE) via the outgoing network interface. This allows the connection of a suitable LTE router without having to pull a separate line for the power supply.

LTE Router
The current Panomera® Edge LTE Solution was set up in conjunction with the Billion BiPAC 4700ZU LTE router. Having antennas integrated in the housing, it is designed for use in harsh outdoor conditions and can be powered over the network interface of the Mountera® Box. Please note that this router cannot be obtained directly from Dallmeier. Panomera® Edge LTE Solution can be realized with any router which has the corresponding technical features.

Mobile Network
The LTE router can be equipped with a SIM card from any provider for connection to the mobile network. It is important to ensure a suitable tariff as well as permanent and sufficient LTE availability in the area of use. Ideally, an up-stream with 40 Mbps should always be possible for backups. For pure live and playback operation in Eco Mode, an up-stream of 10 Mbps is usually sufficient.

During installation, the positioning of the Panomera® with the Mountera® Box depends on the area to be covered. The LTE router, however, must always be aligned as precisely as possible in the direction of the nearest mobile phone tower to ensure optimum signal quality. Because of this requirement and the available space, direct installation of the router in the Mountera® Box is not possible.

VPN Connection
After commissioning and configuration, the router establishes a permanent and secure VPN connection (Virtual Privat Network) over the mobile network / Internet to the company network (VPN tunnel). The data amount required to maintain the tunnel is comparable to that of a smartphone permanently connected to a mobile phone cell and can be neglected. Only the transmission of video material causes costs according to the selected mobile phone tariff. Note that extensive knowledge of network administration is required to successfully configure the system.

For the evaluation of live images and recordings, SeMSy® Compact is available with the Panomera® EcoMode. At a bandwidth of 10 Mbps, this client supports the usual functions and displays the Panomera® overview module with a high-resolution detailed view. The creation of backups with full resolution of the Panomera® is also supported. Depending on the length of the backup and the available bandwidth, a considerable amount of time must be taken into account for the execution.

In addition to the pure evaluation, the configuration of the Panomera® and the Mountera® Box can be done as usual with a web browser over the mobile phone network. Furthermore, the use of the Dallmeier Device Manager is recommended for the administration and update of the various Dallmeier systems.