Smart extensions for maintenance and deactivation

The innovative and patented multifocal sensor systems of the Panomera® S series can be optimised with smart extensions for special requirements.

The Panomera® Air Blast cleaning system uses the nozzles embedded in the front frame of the Panomera® S models and cleans the the front glass without contact using a concentrated blast of compressed air. This comes from a separately installed compressor that can supply up to four Panomera® systems simultaneously. Apart from the cyclical safety inspection, no further measures are required at the installation site of the Panomera® systems.

The Panomera® Privacy Shield can also be remotely controlled via the network and allows the simple, cost-effective and clearly recognisable deactivation of image acquisition. Authorities, emergency services or even companies thus have the option of visibly covering the optics of their video cameras at any time, conveniently at the click of a mouse.

  • Panomera® Air Blast Charger 4 for continuous security even in rain or dust
  • Panomera® Privacy Shield for clearly recognisable deactivation of video surveillance
  • Minimal effort due to remote controllability from the control station
  • Significantly lower expenditure of time and money
  • Innovative and 100 % Made in Germany
Panomera® Air Blast<br>Charger 4

Panomera® Air Blast
Charger 4

Clear view with compressed air and a click over the network

Cleaning | Non-contact | Wear-free

Panomera® Privacy<br>Shield

Panomera® Privacy

When discretion is to be displayed recognizably to the outside world

Data protection | Remote controlled | On demand

Panomera® Edge LTE Solution

Panomera® Edge LTE Solution

Autonomous remote access via the LTE mobile network

Remote access | Mobile network | Cost effective