When discretion is to be displayed recognizably to the outside world


  • For Panomera® S 4 and 8
  • Detectable deactivation
  • Prominent signal color
  • Client remote control
  • DSGVO compliant

The Panomera® Privacy Shield has been specially developed for the simple, cost-effective and clearly recognizable deactivation of image acquisition on the latest Panomera® S 4 and 8 models.

Areas of Application
The use of the Panomera® Privacy Shield is recommended if the regulations of the GDPR or the right of assembly require the deactivation of image acquisition. This can be the case in urban areas, for example, if the monitored area is to be used temporarily for events or demonstrations.

The Panomera® Privacy Shield is integrated between the front glass and the lens sensor units of the Panomera® System. As soon as the aperture is lowered, image acquisition is mechanically prevented and clearly indicated to the outside by a well recognizable signal color.

Remote control
The Panomera® Privacy Shield is fully integrated into the Panomera® system and can be completely and independently remote controlled over the network using the system's graphical user interface. This allows an immediate and easy use of the Privacy Shield. Additional system components or separate cabling are not required.

The Panomera® Privacy Shield can be used at any time and for a precisely defined period of time. Unwanted downtimes due to lengthy and cost-intensive measures directly at the installation site are completely eliminated. The deactivation of image acquisition can be tailored exactly to the duration of an event.