What we plan is what you get.

At the beginning of a project, the Dallmeier's 3D planning team can create a “digital twin” of your environment. Within this environment, all planning and modification is done until the solution is “waterproof”. This ensures optimal, cost-efficient planning and implementation and guarantees the achievement of objectives while considering budget, time, privacy and cybersecurity.


  • Creation of an exact “digital twin” of the environment
  • Detecting and avoiding field of view obstructions
  • Exact simulation and determination of the resolution densities across the entire area
  • According to objective performance criteria (e.g. image quality according to DIN EN 62676-4)
  • Creation of CamCards (exact configuration documents)
  • Diagnosis and planning of the IT infrastructure (e.g. network and storage requirements)

Privacy Benefits Pre-project assessment

  • Involvement of all stakeholders, e.g., data protection officer, works council, data protection supervisory authority
  • Assessment with data protection officer: What does which camera see? With what image quality? Which angle of view? Which scene? Are the personal rights of third parties or employees affected? Is personal data processed?
  • Visualisation of privacy features in the digital twin (e.g. private zones, pixelation)