Optimised for the acquisition of a complete half-space

The two multifocal sensor systems of the Panomera® W Series have been designed especially for the coverage of large rooms from a single location. The innovative combination of high-resolution sensors provides excellent effective UWDR dynamic range and allows the W8 model to uniquely capture a complete 360° half-sphere in real time. The W4 model, with its 180° horizontal field of view, is ideally suited for installation next to a wall.

The different Panomera® models can each replace several conventional megapixel cameras with significantly lower infrastructure requirements. 

  • Outdoor IP69 housing with integrated heating and a horizontal 180° or 360° field of view
  • Fully compatible with the innovative and appealing Mountera® mounting system
  • EdgeAnalytics based on Deep AI Object Classification and AI EdgeAnalytics Apps
  • Video compression with H.264, H.265 and MJPEG at frame rates up to 30 fps and EdgeStorage support
  • ONVIF Profile M, S and T support as well as data privacy and security features (GDPR compliant)
Panomera® W8 Ultraline

Panomera® W8 Ultraline

Panoramic view with 360° horizontally and 90° vertically

95 MPe | 360° hFOV | 30 fps | UWDR

Panomera® W4 Ultraline

Panomera® W4 Ultraline

High resolution field of view with 180° horizontal and 90° vertical

45 MPe | 180° hFOV | 30 fps | UWDR