High resolution field of view with 180° horizontal and 90° vertical


  • Resolution 45 MPe
  • Horizontal View 180°
  • Vertical View 90°
  • Video Content Analysis
  • Mountera® Housing

The patented Panomera® multifocal sensor system is particularly developed for the extensive video surveillance of large scale areas. Thereby, enormous expanses and areas are captured in real time with a unparalleled resolution quality.

This results in significantly lower infrastructure requirements. Where previously several megapixel cameras would have been necessary, a single Panomera® multifocal sensor system is now sufficient.

Panomera® effect
The Panomera® 180° Multifocal Sensor System has been designed with a focus on securing large rooms from a single location. The innovative combination of high-resolution sensors offers an outstanding dynamic range of 130 dB UWDR effectively and allows the unique recording of a large room in real time. This offers a resolution of more than 125 px/m up to a distance of 17 m, making it possible to recognise people on an area of 464 sqm.

The sensors of the Panomera® are equipped with the hardened Linux operating system Domera® OS (D-OS). In addition to a kernel with long-term support, it offers extensive security functions such as the deactivation of unused ports or the enforcement of strict passwords. In addition, Domera® OS supports secure network authentication (IEEE 802.1X) and encrypted data transmission (TLS 1.2/AES-256). All software components are subject to permanent monitoring, maintenance and updating, while the effectiveness of all measures is ensured by regular external penetration tests.

AI Analysis – Deep AI Object Classification
The Panomera® is equipped with an intensively trained neural network that analyzes the captured images in high resolution and independent of movements in the background (green spaces, water areas, etc.) and reliably classifies defined objects (persons, vehicles, etc.) in real time. The captured data is sent with the video stream to the Dallmeier recording system for evaluation and storage and is available for further processing with the integrated EdgeAnalytics Apps.

AI Analysis – EdgeAnalytics Apps
The embedded EdgeAnalytics AI apps use the raw data of the Deep AI Object Classification to assess the captured operations according to the specific criteria of various use cases. The Line Crossing App, for example, detects the crossing of a defined line by a relevant object (person, vehicle, etc.) and generates a corresponding message with time and direction of movement. The generated event messages and values complete the raw data already contained in the video stream and can be displayed and evaluated with a Dallmeier client software.

AI Analysis – Configuration
The embedded EdgeAnalytics AI apps are configured directly on the individual modules, with the analysis results being merged on the master module for transmission to the recording system. The master configuration will be integrated with one of the next updates of Domera® OS. This convenience feature allows cross-module configuration of the analyses on the master module and provides continuous object tracking across module boundaries.

Permanent capturing
The multifocal sensor system captures and stores all areas of the object space in maximum detail resolution. It does not matter whether the operators in live mode concentrate on a certain area (multiple detail zoom) or whether interesting areas are displayed in detail on the basis of video content analysis (multiple auto tracking). The Panomera® recordings always contain the entire action and allow for the evaluation of each incident.

Further Features

  • Functions for data protection and data security (GDPR-compliant)
  • Compatible with ONVIF Profile M, Profile S and Profile T
  • Weather-proof (IP69) housing with integrated heater
  • Housing coating tested for seawater resistance
  • Fully compatible with the Mountera® Quick-Lock System
  • Network protocol MQTT supported


Power Supply Box for Mountera HousingMountera® Box with PSU
Mountera® Box with power supply unit, 48 V DC, 5.4 A, 260 W, IP69, white
Edge Recording for Mountera HousingMountera® Box with SRS Edge
Mountera® Box with SMAVIA Appliance for recording up to 16 video streams, license for the recording of a Dallmeier network camera or a Panomera® system included, licenses for access from 2 clients included, power supply unit 48 V DC, 5.4 A, 260 W included, IP69, white, without SSD memory module
Wall Bracket for Mountera HousingMountera® Wall Bracket
Mountera® bracket for the installation of camera systems on walls or on a Mountera® Box, Quick-Lock System included, robust aluminium construction, internal cable routing, vandal-resistant, powder-coated, white
Ceiling Bracket for Mountera HousingMountera® Ceiling Bracket
Mountera® bracket for installation of camera systems on ceilings, Quick-Lock System included, robust aluminium construction, internal cable routing, vandal-resistant, powder-coated, white