Expert tip for installers: camera installation made easy

With the Dallmeier “CamCards“ – detailed installation instructions for cameras coming from the 3D-planning process – we equip installers on site with a powerful tool to ideally implement the planning.

Installers can view important setting and alignment parameters in the CamCards, such as the aperture angle, position, and tilt of the camera. Above all, a simulated camera view makes fine adjustment easier and saves time and trouble. Serial number, IP address etc. can also be stored digitally within the CamCards and continuously updated and supplemented. This simplifies maintenance for many years to come.

Especially when implementing patented Panomera® multifocal sensor systems, it is important to align them precisely. Since these camera systems can cover enormous distances with high resolution, even a few degrees difference may cause considerable deviations in the area to be covered

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