Expert tip: Reduce downtime with “keep alive“ messages

“How will I know if the air conditioning in the server room breaks down, and the video recording systems fails? How will I know if a rarely used camera is damaged by vandalism?“ – Many customers wonder what happens if video components do fail.

Reduce downtime with alarms and “keep alive“ messages
In my experience, it is helpful to define alarm messages for such scenarios. These can also be created redundantly, so that, for example, the security company is informed when your own business is off duty. E-mail notifications are also possible. In addition, many components can give “signs of life“ at certain intervals via a “keep alive“ message. If this message does not occur, users can react quickly and minimise downtime.

Good to know:

  • Users of the Dallmeier VMS Hemisphere® SeMSy® conveniently receive alarm messages in the „Alarm Inbox
  • For other Dallmeier VMS solutions, alarm messages can be easily defined and managed with the PGuard advance advance
  • The “Alarm Hosts“ chapters in the configuration documents of the Dallmeier recording systems provide clear “how-to“ instructions