Three Questions on: Smart Cameras

Video security technologies are increasingly moving away from “classic surveillance“ towards intelligent systems. The following blog post provides answers to questions about advantages and privacy of so-called smart cameras, along with a case study.

Smart cameras: advantages & areas of application

From feedback discussions with our customers, we know that they can reduce the workload of their operators with smart camera systems. One application example is that trained neural networks for video analysis only forward verified alarms to the control center. This results in fewer false alarms in perimeter surveillance, for example. Video analysis applications such as people counting also provide valuable data to higher-level management systems. This enables users to perform a more informed decision-making. Currently, we are seeing a strong demand, especially from industrial businesses, for perimeter scenarios or in the port sector.

Case Study: CTH Herne

Recently, the Container Terminal Herne (CTH) in Germany has been using a combination of patented “Panomera®” multifocal sensor cameras and AI-based video analysis. The company thus covers an area of approximately 80,000 m² with a pixel density of 125 px/m and a minimum number of cameras. The AI-based video analysis operates as an assistance system – one of the tasks being forwarding only verified alarms to an external emergency call and service control center. This reduced the workload for the operators, and the increased protection for theft and accidents makes the site even more attractive for existing and new customers.

Data management and Privacy Protection

As a manufacturer, it is difficult to make guarantees regarding data protection and data management. After all, it always depends on how the end users use the solutions in practice. However, thanks to our “Made in Germany“ strategy, we have our entire supply chain under control and can therefore implement the GDPR guidelines “Security & Privacy by Design“ in all our components. In addition, we provide our partners and customers with comprehensive documentation as well as best practice guides and implementation guidelines that go far beyond mere features.