Expert tip: Record everything – manage nothing

Afraid of losing something important, many users configure their video systems with permanent recording (24/7): Everything is recorded, and if nothing has happened, the system has produced 100 % “video garbage“.

What’s important?
Event-driven recording provided by camera-based video content analysis (VCA) can offer a significant benefit. Here, the system only records images if certain conditions are met, e.g., when people or vehicles cross virtual lines (line crossing). Features for comfort search can also accelerate the finding of events – like it’s the case with Dallmeier’s VMS “SeMSy® Compact“.

The right codec is half the battle
In addition, I recommend using bandwidth-saving video codecs. For example, all current Dallmeier cameras support the codec H.265 (HEVC). In a nutshell, this codec can deliver the same picture quality at half the bit rate (compared to H.264). These and other measures can help to reduce the storage and energy requirements of network components as well as the network workload.

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